The Company


Sacajawea & Company, LLP (Sacajawea) was founded by William H. Wrean (Bill) in 1972.  As a former professor of economics and finance, with experience in security analysis, portfolio management, and fiduciary trust, Bill created a proprietary approach to manage investment portfolios.  William H. Wrean Jr. (Will) joined the firm in 1989, bringing additional academic experiences and insight to the firm’s investment strategies.  Over the years, we have continued to refine this approach as technology and information became more available, but the underlying principles remain the same.  Will and Bill (the “Partners”) are the only partners in the firm and have worked seamlessly together for nearly 30 years.

Our Approach

Sacajawea uses a fundamental long-term investment strategy, investing in what we believe are promising stocks, bonds, equity funds, bond funds, money market funds and federally insured bank accounts.  We do not invest in derivatives or leverage our clients’ accounts.  We seek to create diversified portfolios for our clients using only publicly traded securities.  When investing in a company’s securities, we collect current and historical quarterly financial data directly from the SEC.  We try to collect at least 20 years of historical data for every company we invest in.  Using our proprietary approach, we carefully analyze the fundamental data for every security we are considering.  We do not rely on newsletters or outside opinions for investment recommendations.  However, at times we will use research reports that a broker makes available to its clients, such as Argus, Standard and Poors Stock Reports or First Call Earnings, in our due diligence process.